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First off, we just want to send a huge thank you to all of the people who have been enjoying ‘Flipside’ and giving us feedback. We appreciate every purchase and every stream, and y’all mean the world to us. Now that it’s been out a couple of weeks, we wanted to share a little more about the track and what it means to us. Rome shared a bunch with y’all about ‘Good for You’, and since this is my first official rap verse on any track, I thought I’d tell you guys a little bit about that experience and what the song means to me.

Writing my first verse was honestly kinda a roller coaster for me. It was both easy and hard at the same time. I mean like, conceptually I knew exactly what I was feeling and wanted to get out, but the challenge comes in trying to get into something musical. When I wrote this, I was dealing with long (sometimes too long) process of getting over someone who had played me twice in a row, and that had me feeling reallll stupid. But knowing me, I’m a little bit of a romantic. I get too caught up in my own thoughts and end up thinking too far in the future “Could I be with this girl?” “Should I be with this girl??”

Even after the first time I should’ve been done but, because I convinced myself there are no other fish in the sea quite like this one, I heard her out, listened to all the excuses (get it, I say that in the song) and gave her another chance. After learning the lesson again, I said F that and promised myself I was done with all that garbage. It was right around that time that Rome and I started spending more and more time in Canada and I got the chance to get to know AMAG and the people who make it as great as it is. For the first time in a while I was with people that made me happy without all the bullshit. One night while we were out with the whole squad I got a text from you know who (the girl from above) and I finally thought to myself “Psht, I’m not responding to this. Not falling for that again.”

Moral of the story is: stop letting those kind of people hold you back from the life that’s right in front of you. If you’ve been in a situation like I was, and most of us have been, really think about how much time you spend upset compared to how many good memories you have with them (that aren’t your daydreams about the future). If the second one doesn’t outweigh the first by a ton, you gotta keep it moving and get your mind right. Or else you’ll miss the gold that’s been there the whole time.

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